Home Heating Oil

Firehouse Fuels can provide the heating oil products our customers need to stay warm in their homes all winter long. Our team will arrange for automatic delivery with all the fuel you need to keep your tank full and your home warm throughout the winter season. By scheduling regular delivery, you will never be without home heating oil.

Our home heating oil delivery services are available at fair prices. Fuel is part of our name, we never sacrifice quality of service or product. We keep our costs low by running a tight ship. As firefighters, we have an inclination for hard work and efficiency. Our services are available throughout the state of Connecticut with discounts available for all emergency responders (fire, police, EMS) and senior citizens.


Propane seems to gain popularity as a heating fuel each year, and our fleet of delivery vehicles has been growing with it. Our staff members are trained in all aspects of propane safety. Our propane services include delivery, installation, and maintenance service. We bring the same great prices our oil customers enjoy to those who depend on propane. A discount always helps no matter how you heat your home.

Firehouse Fuels is proud to offer propane delivery in Burlington, CT and the surrounding areas. We can provide the propane tank you need to fire up a stove, clean and dry your clothes, enjoy a hot shower, or keep your home warm. We offer 24/7 emergency delivery to provide you with a new propane tank whenever you’re out of propane. Choose us for your next propane delivery.

We Can Fix It

Some of the services we offer include the following:

• 24/7 Emergency Service for Oil, Propane & Natural Gas
• Furnace Cleaning
• Tank Inspection
• Tank Installation/Removal
• Heating/Cooling system installation
• Major Repairs
• Road Diesel Services
• Bulk delivery or pump on site
• Underground Tank Removal

Give Firehouse Fuels a call and one of our service professionals will help you to make sure you get what you need and that everything is running the way you want.

Business Partnerships

Does your business rely on fuels or the heating services provided by Firehouse Fuels?

We have many business partners who engage us to provide reliable service they can count on to keep their businesses running. If you are interested in learning more or networking with a group of high-quality providers, please call or email us to learn more. Firehouse Fuels can provide automatic scheduled deliveries and service contracts for your business.